Getting to Know Medicare

When a loved one begins needing care many people we work with are confused by the benefits offered through Medicare.  Here will give you a basic understanding of the four different areas of medicare and what they cover.

Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility

The two main benefits of Part A (original Medicare) are the expenses of a hospital visit and care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF).  Also covered under this benefit are home health and hospice. Read More

Doctors, Procedures & DME

Part B (original Medicare) covers doctors, procedures such as surgery, and durable medical equipment like wheel chairs, walkers, or oxygen machines.  Read More

Medicare Advantage

Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage (MA).  Many of these plans also provide prescription drug coverage.  When someone chooses Part C they are replacing the benefits of original Medicare (Parts A and B) with coverage that must be AT LEAST as good as original Medicare. Read More

Part D

Prescriptions Drugs

Part D is also known as Prescription Drug coverage.  A Medicare beneficiary is able to chose a stand-a-lone plan or have this as part of their Medicare Advantage coverage.  Understanding how and when to make changes to these plans can save you hundreds of dollars. Read More

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Skilled Nursing often pronounced as “sniff,” is a benefit that falls under Part A of Medicare. The type of services provided here are considered skilled care.  Here they will receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  They are staffed with Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Registered Nurses (RN), physicians, and therapists.  Round the clock care is provided along with all meals, cognitive stimulation, and daily therapy. To receive this care you must meet certain eligibility criteria. 

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