Part B Costs and Coverage


Part B Premium – In most cases this comes directly from the beneficiaries social security check before the money is deposited.  Some individuals will pay an increased premium based on their yearly earnings.


Monthly  –      $134

Quarterly –     $536  – When a medicare beneficiary is not receiving social security they will be billed quarterly for the premium.  Failure to pay this will result in loss of coverage

Part B Coverage- Includes doctor visits, procedures, and durable medical equipment.  This works on co-insurance with medicare covering the majority of the costs.  There is a yearly deductible.  After that is met, the cost sharing will begin.  

Part B Deductible –      $183
Medicare –                     80%
You –                               20%
Excess Fee –                 15%
      *Some health providers may charge this if          they do not accept Medicare assignment.

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