"Caring, efficient and intelligent services are provided at a time when it looks like doors have closed.  Jonathan Shaw found an excellent environment for a family and he did it in record time. 24 hours. Impressive.  He even sent a photo of my family member and made sure that details were handled flawlessly.  I am pleased but most importantly, my amazing father is pleased and comfortable. Your Care Agency... Highly recommend !"

Carolyn H.

"Re: Letter of recommendation;

Jonathan Shaw, Owner and founder, Your Care Agency

Our mother resided with Glencroft for nearly 20 years.  Mom’s declining health necessitated changing her lifestyle from Independent Living to Assisted Living; care requirements we believed were beyond Glencroft’s abilities.

Where to start?  Within our family, we have significant business management experience and also a health care professional who has managed a nursing home in their career.  Still, we felt ill-equipped to find the best assisted living facility suited specifically to our mother’s requirements.

We needed help so we put our network to work and found Jonathan Shaw, owner of Your Care Agency.  His personal experiences created his belief that the industry can do better.  That is the basis of his passion today.

Our situation was urgent; if steps weren’t taken to relocate our mother, her health would continue to deteriorate.  This was over Thanksgiving potentially making our task harder to “rally a team” to help us.

Jonathan first wanted to meet our mother to understand her personality, how social she is, and her concerns, likes and dislikes.  He took an entire day – unscheduled - to understand our mother sufficient to look for a home that aligns to her requirements.

This in itself was more than we expected.  But when you think about it, this is only half the task.  The remaining job is to align Mom’s profile to facilities that best met her criteria. 

This work is invaluable.  First, it meant the homes we visited were extremely well qualified giving us the time needed to get to know the staff.  But most important, the homes selected were pre-screened as best meeting our mother’s overall care and lifestyle requirements. 

Jonathan accompanied us on the interviews. When our decision was made, he was there to help review and complete the agreements.  His advice and guidance was invaluable to us. 

Placing loved ones in professional care required knowledge beyond our capabilities.  Our story has a happy ending in that Mom’s daily care exceeded our expectations in every category: health, diet, social interaction, exercise and the general business of living life one day at a time.

Don’t attempt this decision without professional help.  We can’t recommend Your Care Agency enough and please feel free to email me if we can provide more information."

Bill and Jennifer E.
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